About Us

What do we do?

For crypto-enthusiasts, it’s a constant challenge to keep up with the variations of cryptocurrency prices. Every hour of every day, the enthusiasts open their favourite apps in order to check prices. This is especially true if you have a lot of exposure to the market and are new to the cryptocurrency world.

The main problem crypto-enthusiasts face is the high variance of cryptocurrency prices which makes it difficult to follow and understand market movements. Today, their best option is to regularly check the prices and the news, but of course, this is a time consuming activity. With more people getting into cryptocurrencies, the problem will only get worse over time.

At CryptoProphet.co we are developing a better way for crypto-enthusiasts to understand the market movements: customers get alerts only when something unusual happens which lead to a better peace of mind. With cryptocurrencies totalling a 90b$ market cap today, there is a clear opportunity to meaningfully impact a huge number of people and help crypto mass-adoption.

Who are we?

I am a Data Scientist with a strong passion for cryptocurrencies.

I have been holding a portfolio of cryptocurrencies for a while now with the idea to cash out in a few years time. But, the past few months, with all the ups and downs in prices, I have found myself checking the prices everyday and now almost every hour...

The first purpose of this bot was to give me some peace of mind so I could go on holiday or carry on my daily work without prices distracting me. I would receive an alert whenever something unusual was happening. Like a friend saying "Hey, check out your ETH, it's going up/down fast!". Otherwise, no news is good news :)

About the product

Technically, we use autoregressive integrated moving average models to analyze the prices of major cryptocurrencies. The forecasted prices are within a 80% confidence interval and updated daily. Those are the graphs available on the main website.

Whenever the price goes out of bound, you receive an alert. But this is not a trading bot. The purpose of this tool is to give you peace of mind: stop checking the prices everyday and only receive an alert when something unusual happens.