Which cryptocurrencies do you support?

We support more than 30 cryptocurrencies - you can find all our cryptocurrencies prices forecasts here.

How can I try this bot?

Once you complete the sign up process you can start using the bot right away by following the set up process on your dashboard.

How do I receive cryptocurrency alerts with Telegram?

Telegram is messaging app available on the web, on desktop and on mobile. You can get more info about Telegram on their website.

I have signed up and installed Telegram. What should I do next?

You need to activate your account to receive alerts on Telegram. Please follow the guide available on your dashboard.

How do you compute your bitcoin forecasts?

We use autoregressive integrated moving average models to analyze and predict the prices of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The forecasted prices are within a 80% confidence interval and are updated frequently.

You can interpret the forecast as the current global trend of the cryptocurrency price. We send you alerts if the price goes out of trend.

What types of alerts do you send?

Our algorithms send different types of alerts depending on our forecast:

  • The current price is under our forecast: when the price of the currency pair is under what our algorithms predicted it to be considering the current trend.
  • The current price is above our forecast: when the price of the currency pair is higher than our algorithms predicted it to be considering the current trend.

We send an alert when prices go back in our forecasts and follow the expected trend again. (Note that this could be an upward or a downward trend.)

We send regular reminder alerts when the price stays out of the forecast for several hours.

We might send you an alert if an update in our forecast put the current price above, in, or under the new forecast.

Are there any delays between the bot cryptocurrency price alerts and the real market?

The alerts are computed every hour. Due to the heavy computations required for the forecasts and for maximum accuracy of our models, the prices are processed every hour with forecasts updated every 8 hours.

How do I add or remove cryptocurrencies / coins to my alert subscriptions?

The bot tracks coins on supported exchanges automatically and sends alerts for all coins as they occur. Please go to your dashboard to set your alert settings and add or remove coins from your alert subscriptions.

Can I make money trading cryptocurrencies with your bot?

Our service provides early warnings about increasing or decreasing demand on the cryptocurrency markets. All decisions and trades are made by you. We strongly advise against using our bot as a trading tool and we will not be responsible for any losses. We recommend the following books for you to learn more about investing.